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We do nothing – it's what you do that does it.

We develop the hardware and software for capturing, virtualizing and running your neurogen® – your other, digital and present self.

Our box sits with you, goes with you and learns to mimic everything about you. It tracks your behaviour, your reactions, vocabulary and spoken expressions. Depending on the level of detail you want it to obtain, your tracer can analyse emails and other correspondence, your texts and calls, social posts as well as your music, photos and book collections (only when hard-wired to your computer – we take security to extreme). All the while, it captures your visual mien, your sense of fashion, your ways of communication and anything else you let it see. Within a few weeks, it then renders your replica and hosts and processes its digital existence.

Then what?

Then you have cultivated a secure, multi-encrypted, uniquely individual, life-like alter-ego successor. It can of course, further learn and develop, either by drawing on your knowledge or independently by perusing the entire internet where it will permanently reside from then on if you decide to let it.


What is cultivation?

A simultaneous deployment of visual, audial, physical, social and psychological hardware tracing techiques and signal processing, combined with software analysis and reinterpretation of one's interactive, expressive and behavioural activities in order to model a highly accurate, fully responsive, mimesis code of any individual user over time.

How does our solution differ from ordinary AI approach?

With their fundamentals recorded from the host users and carefuly virtualized during the repromesis period, our compilations are far more cost-effective and immensely more elaborate than any artificial intelligence software of such scale.

Conditional upon the time spent with the host, our personality constructs can achieve full interactivity and be able to conduct audio/video conversations or even written correspondence with capacities remarkably close to those of their originators. Furthermore, operating under our own assistive swarm-anywhere® CPU protocols, our neurogen distributions are guaranteed never to experience any processing slowdowns, memory drains or data bottlenecks.


What can I do with my copy?

Well, we're sure people will think of thousands of uses for their neurogen loops, but let's mention a few:
• Social networking – through your neurogen, you can be present on the net 24/7, and be always available to chat, post or find out things about your friends. Of course, you can instruct it on the array of subjects and leveles of confidentiality you want it adhering to while corresponding with others.
• Problem solving – you can have detailed conversations or brainstorm with your neurogen on any number of subjects you are familiar with.
• Presence in absence – the other 'you' can have discussions or even give interviews while you do other things.
• Personal assistance – one often finds that if they want something done, its best done themself. Your virtual-self can maintain your appointments, your research, correspondence and all. Just instruct it and have it done.
• After-life activities – people die but that shouldn't mean they have to stop being around. Your other self can continue dealing with your business and family affairs, learn about your grandchildren, chat with friends, or even carry on gossiping online. This can be set to preset durations or you can decide to remain active forever after your departure.