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"These guys don't walk on this planet."
Eugene G. Reece
CFO, Nunavut ReproFarm

"It truly is an astonishing simulacrum. I didn’t realize anyone was developing on this level.”
Reginald Theodoroff
Chief Scientist, Innominates Undergrid

"A rather intriguing comportment. I simply still don't believe what I just saw."
Cornelius Benedict
MrRC, Imperial Bar Advocate

"This goes beyond anybody's wildest imagination."
Lance Jeffries-Crayhawk
ex-Vice-Director of the Exchequer





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Why so low-key?

We are well aware that our research subject is extremely controversial and over the years, we have experienced plenty of unpleasant encounters with proponents of ecclesiastical views and opponents of machine-based intellect replication. The simple truth of the matter is that we do not require any additional funding and consequently have no need for publicity at this stage of events. On the other hand, and considering the number of existing pre-orders, we are confident that our product launch will cause overwhelming interest next year. In fact, rather than dealing with marketing, the bulk of our administrative resources are currently preoccupied with ensuring that our suppliers will be able to meet the expected initial demand.